Tommy Perez

RWC Founding Instructor

Coach Tommy Perez was raised in Houston, Texas; he began wrestling during his sophomore year in high school. He would eventually go on to place fourth in the State during his senior year. In May of 2005, Coach Perez graduated and joined The United States Marine Corps, where he still currently honorably serves in active duty. The Marine Corps has been instrumental in preparing Coach Perez for outstanding instructorship.

In February of 2008 and for several years thereafter, Coach Perez began teaching marksmanship to Marine Corps Recruits going through bootcamp. His experience with marksmanship eventually earned him a spot on the Marine Corps Shooting Team where he continued instructing advanced marksmanship techniques to Marines throughout the entire the corps. Coach Perez’s love for wrestling ultimately had him return to the mats where he began coaching his son for the first time.

Coach Perez has been involved with a several wrestling programs from Stafford Highlanders in Virginia to Reverence Wrestling Club in Bluffton, South Carolina. His philosophy is to be a constant student of the sport so that he can pass on as much knowledge to our young athletes as possible. Coach Perez believes deeply that through wrestling we can mentor young boys and girls to grow into the best possible versions of themselves.