Reverence Wrestling Club (RWC) was founded in 2020 to fill a major gap in Beaufort County’s youth and high school wrestling prowess. Historically, in comparison to peer states, South Carolina (and more specifically Beaufort County) has not had the funding, community/family support, and steadfast focus that are necessary to achieve widespread wrestling greatness.

Strong private and public wrestling programs such as those of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Michigan and Iowa have yielded fantastic results for wrestling students in those states. Earning thousands of state champion student-athletes and more importantly among those results, increased Division 1 university student-athlete placement with accompanying scholarships, Division 1 College All-American honors, National Champions and even Olympic Champions, those states all have one thing in common; A long and successful history of private year-round wrestling clubs.

Reverence Wrestling Club brings a broad range of wrestling experience to South Carolina youth & high school wrestling students. Club coaches utilize a wrestling system created in New Jersey & Ohio, enhanced with Division 1 acumen, and continuous improvement over 30 years.