1.) Safety is always first and foremost. All decisions will contemplate the safety of the RWC wrestling community.

2.) Reverence, by definition, is a representation of great respect or admiration for someone or something. We will practice reverence in all that we do, both on and off the mat. We will earn reverence from others.

3.) Reverence is not given. It is earned. We will earn reverence by showing deep respect for others, the sport, our community, our volunteers and employees, our competition, our friends, our team, the officials, our parents, and our families.

4.) We will earn reverence by: Showing up, listening, working hard, striving to achieve our individual and team goals, improving each day, being open minded, making well-informed decisions, maintaining excellence in our school work, jobs, and relationships as well as collaborating positively with others, giving back to the community, respecting everyone no matter our differences, appreciating the opportunities that we have, winning with humility, and losing with grace.

5.) We will volunteer, instruct, teach, coach, support and wrestle with reverence. We will teach our Members same.

6.) We understand that achieving reverence is an evolving process and we are always learning, but when we receive the reverence of others, then we have also achieved excellence, and with revered excellence, we are champions.

7.) As champions, we win.