How do I enroll my child in RWC?

You can start the process by filling out the request under the Enrollment tab or you can email to receive a copy of the Membership Agreement. For the safety of our students and instructors, we require a signed Membership Agreement before allowing any student to wrestle.

What if my child has never wrestled before?

We accept wrestlers aged four and a half through college at any skill level. Our coaching staff has a diverse set of skills, and each RWC Instructor is uniquely qualified to coach children of all levels, whether the student is just beginning or has been wrestling for years.

How much does it cost to join RWC?

We charge a small one-time initiation fee and then base our monthly fee on the student’s age and skill level. Please email us at to inquire about specific pricing.

Does my child have to wear a uniform and what is the cost?

Yes, we require all students to wear at least an RWC singlet during tournaments where an RWC Coach is in their corner. There are multiple options for purchasing a uniform; you can purchase the full uniform or lease it on a monthly basis, or you can purchase individual pieces(singlet required). We also offer a Sprout Program where, upon purchase of a full uniform, you can turn pieces back in for credit as your child grows.

What qualifies your staff to teach my child wrestling?

Please visit our Staff Page and click on their profile picture to learn about the individual accomplishments of each member of our staff. All RWC Instructors have had wrestling careers as well as years of coaching experience. While not every member of the RWC Support Staff have been wrestlers, they all share a dedication to creating an environment where our students can grow and learn both on and off the mat.

I am attending college but would love additional training hours, can I join?

Of course! We accept post high school students who wish to continue their training with the RWC Staff during their collegiate career. Email us at for pricing and further details.

My child already wrestles with their school team, why should I pay for them to join your club?

RWC firmly believes that the successes of student wrestlers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan, Ohio, and Iowa are directly related to the extra hours that the wrestlers put in above and beyond the time spent with their middle/high school teams. Those student-athletes, attending private clubs, have a higher rate of attending Division 1 universities on scholarships and placing better in championship matches. RWC offers the support and focus that is necessary to achieving wrestling greatness in every student.