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Hello, I am Siobhan Rogers and I have been wrestling for 3 years. I just want to start with thanking all of you for being here, especially the parents who continuously show up and support our wins and losses. I want to quickly thank the entire team that is here today who have given me some of my fondest memories this year. I want to thank all my high school coaches here today, Coach Nutter, Joe, and Kevin, thank you for always pushing us in the wrestling room, without you we would not be here today. I want to specifically thank Coach Nutter for allowing me on the team and making me feel welcomed and a part of the team, even though I was the only girl. I also want to thank my Reverence family for always supporting and helping me through hard school days and making me laugh before practices. I want to thank my Reverence coaches for helping me reach the next level of wrestling beyond high school. Coach Blake, I want to thank you for everything. I spent almost every day this season in your wrestling room because you kept pushing me to be my best wrestling self. Thank you for never giving up on me and supporting me through all my wins and losses. I want to thank my teammates who have been with me since day one. Landon, Oscar, and Bradley; each of you have taught me different things. Landon, you taught me to stall; Oscar, you taught me how to make weight; and Bradley, I am going back 3 years when you taught me how to drop a crockpot full of meatballs.  I also want to give an honorable mention to Gabe, because even though you were not with me day one, I have known you almost as long. You never cease to make me laugh or smile when I am hangry, and you always believe in me even though we know I am going to lose. I want to thank all my wrestling partners for helping me learn the sport but mostly Coach Twee and Jada. Coach Twee, you have taught me so much and pushed me so far, and I have loved losing to you in the practice room. Jada you are my favorite partner. You have always been supportive of me whether I win or lose, and you have helped me to walk in the wrestling room every day and not quit or decide not to show up. I want to thank all my friends for dealing with wrestling drama, or me complaining about food, and my other coaches from volleyball and lacrosse for supporting me and understanding my commitment to wrestling. The last people I want to thank are my family. My dad wanted me to join my freshman year, but I said no, and I so wish I could go back and say yes. You have been my biggest motivator, always helping me understand my matches, attending all my tournaments, even getting rid of the junk food in the house so I could make weight. You have pushed me so much and believed in me to beat the boys even though I did not think it possible. Mom, thank you for trying to learn the sport. I know it can be challenging because there are so many rules but the fact that you try means so much. I am sorry I am frustrating on match days but that is because I am just hungry. Also thank you for doing my hair even if I am crying because it hurts. Fiona, my sibling, thank you for joking at Reverence with me and always being real with me.  You always tell me when I do something bad, especially if I am getting too high on top. Thank you for always “coaching” me on the sidelines even when I don’t need your input because trust me, I know I am pinning myself. I think I have thanked everyone but if I missed you, I do appreciate everything you have done for me. I quickly want to speak to the freshman and any of the younger wrestlers, I just want to give you some advice, losing sucks but you are always going to find someone bigger and better than you and that is okay. You are not going to win every match, but you are going to learn from every match. Remember to have fun and enjoy your body being twisted in a million different ways. Before I end this, I want to give a huge thanks to Jake our athletic trainer for basically telling me I will be fine after every injury, and almost refusing to see me because you never want me to not play sports. Thank you everyone for being here tonight and thank you fellow seniors for staying. With that let’s enjoy the rest of the night and we have food for later.

Post Author: Emily